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'Yellow Aster' cut-down Porter 0-4-0st 'Yellow Aster' cut-down Porter 0-4-0st ENG-014 • by EuroNarrowGauge
O&K 40hp plantation loco O&K 40hp plantation loco ENG-013 • by EuroNarrowGauge
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Hungarian C50 Forestry Diesel Hungarian C50 Forestry Diesel ENG-011 • by EuroNarrowGauge
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Gmeinder 80PS Dieselok Gmeinder 80PS Dieselok ENG-010 • by EuroNarrowGauge
Diema DS40 diesel Diema DS40 diesel ENG-008 • by EuroNarrowGauge
Jung Cn2t locomotive Jung Cn2t locomotive ENG-007 • by EuroNarrowGauge
LKM NS2 LKM NS2 ENG-003 • by EuroNarrowGauge
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Resita 0-8-0t Etched Detail Components Resita 0-8-0t Etched Detail Components ENG-C-001 • by EuroNarrowGauge

A range of prototypes in 1:76 (4mm/ft) scale from Feldbahn diesels to sugar plantation locomotives that share a common trait; to have been designed and manufactured within Europe. Established by James Hilton in 2014, to take advantage of using 9mm track to represent 600mm gauge, EuroNG now includes a growing range of steam and diesel locomotives as well as some custom components.

The kits feature 3D printed skeletons with etched nickel silver overlays to provide detail and designed for easy assembly with just superglue.