Hungarian C50 Forestry Diesel

ENG-011 • by EuroNarrowGauge
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About the kit

The kit is comprised of a 3D printed plastic body shell, a fret of etched detail parts and a fret of 3D printed detail parts and is reproduced to 4mm (009, 1:76) scale only. The body is designed to fit on the Bachmann USA 009 Rusty chassis.

Download full instructions (PDF)

Please note this is a scale model for adult collectors, and not intended for children under 14 years of age.

Prototype Info

The Hungarian C50 diesel is a small 50hp locomotive in both 600 and 760mm gauge. Over 200 were built between 1953 an 1966, with another 20 exported to North Korea, and almost all forestry railways in Hungary have one or more of the class. Powered by a 50hp Csepel-Steyr D413 diesel engine with mechanical transmission with a maximum speed of 30km/h their light axle loading made them suitable for lightly laid and sometimes poorly maintained track.

Today many survive operating both tourist and remaining forestry services across the country.