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Eight Bolt Flanges Eight Bolt Flanges AC04 • by KBscale
Roller Supports (2 Upper & 1 Lower) Roller Supports (2 Upper & 1 Lower) AC05 • by KBscale
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Roller Supports (3 Lower) Roller Supports (3 Lower) AC06 • by KBscale
Screen Supports (4 sets) Screen Supports (4 sets) AC07 • by KBscale
Industrial Lettering Transfers Industrial Lettering Transfers TRF01B • by KBscale
Driver Figure for Lister Driver Figure for Lister FG01 • by KBscale
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Driver Figure for Ruston LBT/LBU Driver Figure for Ruston LBT/LBU FG02 • by KBscale
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Bogie Tool Van with Brake Bogie Tool Van with Brake WA120b • by KBscale

KBscale manufacture 7mm scale kits for narrow gauge locomotive, rolling stock and track components in O14, recreating the correct prototype gauge of two feet.

The original range was designed and originated by the late Roy C Link and KBscale are continuously developing new kits and parts.

Locomotive kits feature components in white metal, lost wax brass and etched brass or nickel silver. The rolling stock kits are injection moulded in plastic making them very easy to assemble.

Some kits are also suitable for 12mm and 16.5mm gauges. The rolling stock kits can be modified for use with 16.5mm gauge and the wheelsets easily adjusted for 9mm or 10.5mm gauges.

Download information about building O14 track, turnouts and the standards here: