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Hudson Peat/Turf Wagon (etched brass body) Hudson Peat/Turf Wagon (etched brass body) WA080a • by KBscale
from £14.40
Hudson Platform Wagon Hudson Platform Wagon WA070 • by KBscale
from £9.60
Hudson Timber Bogies Hudson Timber Bogies WA062 • by KBscale
Hudson Tipper Wagon Hudson Tipper Wagon WA030 • by KBscale
from £10.20
Hudson Tippler Wagon Hudson Tippler Wagon WA090 • by KBscale
from £10.80
Hudson-Hunslet 24hp Light Diesel Loco Hudson-Hunslet 24hp Light Diesel Loco NPL-008 • by Narrow Planet
sold out
Hudswell Clarke 'Crewe' Diesel Hudswell Clarke 'Crewe' Diesel MGL-005 • by 6point5
Hungarian C50 Forestry Diesel Hungarian C50 Forestry Diesel ENG-011 • by EuroNarrowGauge
Hunslet Jenbach Diesel Hunslet Jenbach Diesel MGL-003 • by 6point5
from £30.00
Hunslet Wagonmaster diesel Hunslet Wagonmaster diesel NPL-014 • by Narrow Planet
sold out
Crossing gate and posts, and road sign included (other scenic items shown for demonstration only) Industrial Crossing Set PIC-008 • by Planet Industrials
Industrial Lettering Transfers Industrial Lettering Transfers TRF01B • by KBscale
Industrial Transfers - NCB Shaded Industrial Transfers - NCB Shaded PIC-010 • by Planet Industrials
Industrial Transfers - Wasp striping Industrial Transfers - Wasp striping PIC-004 • by Planet Industrials
sold out
Industrial Transfers - White Industrial Transfers - White PIC-001 • by Planet Industrials
Jung Cn2t locomotive Jung Cn2t locomotive ENG-007 • by EuroNarrowGauge
Kerr Stuart Corris No.7 Illustrated Art Print Kerr Stuart Corris No.7 Illustrated Art Print JHD-002 • by Jameshiltondraws
Kerr, Stuart 6w Diesel (4415) Kerr, Stuart 6w Diesel (4415) MM2 • by Mosskito Narrow Gauge
Kitson (L&M) 2-6-4T Kitson (L&M) 2-6-4T MM9 • by Mosskito Narrow Gauge
sold out
L&B chimney pots L&B chimney pots NPC-007 • by Narrow Planet
from £6.00