Peckett post-date Conversion

PIL-004 • by Planet Industrials

The Peckett 'W class' was a long lived 0-4-0ST design from the Bristol manufacturer, from the W2 from 1884 to the W7 in 1938. Hornby's W4 is a turn of the century design and our conversion kit provides a later style cab, steel buffer beams and a shorter chimney to post-date the model and represent a later example, within the possibilities of using the existing chassis and saddle tank.

Download full instructions (PDF)

The kit is comprised of a fret of etched details and 3D printed plastic parts. Basic preparation has already been completed so all holes should be open, and the roof surface has been smoothed. We recommend sparing use of liquid superglue for adding the roof etch and details, ideally using a bottle with a thin applicator nozzle.

The kit requires a Hornby W4 Peckett as a donor model. Select your example carefully, those with the lower dome with ross-pop safety valves are best suited to this conversion. No replacement dome is provided.

Please note this is a scale model for adult collectors and not intended for children under 14 years of age.