Mosskito 8.0mm dia. wheelset with extended axle and cranks

WHLC80 • by Mosskito Narrow Gauge

These wheels for 9mm gauge track are manufactured from brass, have a narrow tyre and fine flanges, which results in a 7.8mm back to back dimension. The design of the web allows for spokes to be simulated by an etch overlay.

These wheelsets have a brass shouldered axle. The centre of the axle is 2mm diameter. The axle has 1.5mm diameter extension terminating in a square end. This design will facilitate the use of a Tenshodo gear without a shaft adaptor. The square end is designed to accommodate the supplied crank and make it easy to quarter the wheel set.

The plastic moulded cranks have a throw = 0.95mm.

All the brass components are blackened with an electrically conductive coating.

Each wheelset contains two axles and six cranks.

Download data sheet (PDF)

Also available in: 6.2mm diameter