Heywood 'top' wagons (2 pack)

MGR-001 • by 6point5

About the kit

The kit is comprised of a pack of two 3D printed plastic body and chassis parts, and a fret of etched brass detail parts. Limited folding of these parts is required and they can all be glued in place. 6.5mm gauge wheels and coupling magnets are included.

Download full instructions (PDF)

Please note this is a scale model for adult collectors, and not intended for children under 14 years of age.

Prototype Info

The Eaton Hall Railway was an early 15 in (381 mm) gauge minimum gauge estate railway built in 1896 at Eaton Hall in Cheshire.

Heywood provided thirty open wagons, each wagon carrying about 16 long cwt (813 kg) of coal or 22 long cwt (1,118 kg) of bricks. The wagon 'tops' were removable to allow them to be used as flats, and bolster fittings were supplied to carry long items such as timber.

This kit represents a typical example, although the gauge has been increased from 15" to approximately 18", so the model will run on 6.5mm gauge track.