Greenwich couplings - CPL-1 Standard


Contents: 5 pairs of couplings, including pivot pins and iron wire

The Greenwich Coupling is not a completely new invention but rather an improvement on the systems that were available at the time. Unfortunately we are no longer able to get them blackened.

The Greenwich Couplings come as a brass etched sheet kit. The couplings  comprise two parts that are cut out from the etch and folded into the correct shape and this takes a moderate amount of modelling skill. the two parts are connected by a bent brass wire pivot. A small amount of iron wire (provided) is wound around tail part of the coupling loop that protrudes backwards at an angle. This lifts the coupling open when moving over a magnetic field, either permanent or electromagnetic.

Small permanent magnets for use as fixed uncoupling positions on a layout are also available.

Also available is a coupling height gauge so that you can fix your couplings to a consistent height above rail level ensuring that all your stock can couple up.