Peckett & Sons Cranmore Class 0-4-0ST 'GAMECOCK'

SRB-002 • by Small Run Batch

Introduction/Brief History

In 1904 an agreement was made by the Mendip Granite & Asphalte Co Ltd and the Moons Hill Quarry Company (John Wainwright & Co) as to the joint use of a 2ft tramway extension from the Waterlip Quarry to avoid the haulage of stone from the two quarries by road, which were damaged by such traffic. This arrangement enabled stone to be transported from the Moons Hill Quarry by arrangement and neighbouring Sunnyhill Quarry of the Mendip Granite & Ashphalte to the Cranmore stone works, which had its own sidings at Cranmore station where it was shipped out using the GWR line. An order was placed by the Mendip Granite & Ashphalte Co for an 0-4-0 saddle tank version of the special 7x10” cylinder design from Peckett & Sons of Bristol, Works No.1030 of 1904 “Gamecock” which would be later referred to as a “Cranmore Class”. It is thought that “Gamecock” worked alongside the existing 0-4-0 IST “Terrier” (W.G. Bagnall of Stafford works No.300 of 1880) for a short time until “Terrier” was sold on in 1907. It is not clear as to how long “Gamecock” lasted but the Locomotive was later scrapped.

About the Kit

This kit has been designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) for the photo etched parts and the creation of most of the patterns for the cast parts using 3D printing technology, to ensure that parts fit correctly as they should do with the very minimum of fettling.

The kit is complete - featuring nickel silver etched parts, whitemetal & lost wax brass castings, wheels, gears, motor, ball race bearings, pick up hardware, fixings and 3D printed parts.

*This is a craftsman kit, that requires previous experience and soldering skills in order to assemble the model.*

Download full instructions (2.5mb PDF)

Please note this is a scale model for adult collectors, and not intended for children under 14 years of age.