SE&CR Dia. 1426 covered van

927001 • by Rapido Trains UK
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The SECR used its standard 9ft 6in wheelbase steel underframe for a new covered van that would set the standard until nationalisation in 1948.

The Diagram 1426 van was different to previous SECR designs, and featured an elliptical roof, end ventilators, lift-link brake gear and self-contained buffers. The design was so successful that it became the basis of the standard Southern Railway van. It was the SR which allocated the diagram number to this design.

Nearly 250 Dia. 1426s were built, with many of them surviving into BR days in both revenue and Departmental service. One, No. 15750, survived into preservation and can now be seen on the Bluebell Railway.

This ready-to-run model in 00 gauge is produced by Rapido Trains UK.


  • Two types of roof gutter strip
  • Split-spoked wheels running in metal bearings
  • NEM coupler pockets
  • Designed in the UK
  • Separately-fitted end ventilators