Sentinel Diesel Detail Kit

PIC-011 • by Planet Industrials

Prototype Info

Introduced in 1959 to the military for evaluation on the former Shropshire and Montgomeryshire railway, successful it led to eventually 4 versions of this diesel hydraulic industrial locomotive to be offered by Rolls-Royce. Hornby feature both the chain and rod driven 2 axle units in their range. This kit will suit either model.

About the kit

The kit is comprised of a fret of etched details and 3D printed plastic parts. The 3D printed parts are sprued together to protect them during transit, these should be carefully removed with sprue cutters and tidied up with fine abrasive paper. We recommend sparing use of liquid superglue. 

The kit includes:

  • Replacement / modified opening doors (these were often fitted when the sliding mechanism fitted when built became unreliable)
  • Compressor housing (two versions, required when adding air brakes)

  • Long hood handrails (two options, when the side panels were damaged they were often replaced with more straight forward handrails)

  • Sentinel works plates and bonnet swords

Our model is also fitted with RT Models replacement side skirts and Shawplan Laser glazing, available separately.

Please note this is a scale model for adult collectors, and not intended for children under 14 years of age.