products by... Custom Nameplate Studio

Fox Walker works plates NPP-258 Fox Walker works plates
from £2.50
Px48 loco set plates NPP-322 Px48 loco set plates
from £9.95
Southern roundel headboard NPP-504 Southern roundel headboard
from £4.75
Engraved round number plates NPP-425 Engraved round number plates
from £2.60
Pinguely works plates NPP-238 Pinguely works plates
from £2.50
Dick, Kerr works plates NPP-2106 Dick, Kerr works plates
from £2.50
Black, Hawthorn works plates NPP-298 Black, Hawthorn works plates
from £2.50
Bass works plates NPP-289 Bass works plates
from £2.50
Ransomes & Rapier (motif) NPP-287 Ransomes & Rapier (motif)
from £2.50
Fowler works plates (later) NPP-275 Fowler works plates (later)
from £2.50
Hanomag works plates NPP-286 Hanomag works plates
from £2.50
Robert Hudson works plates NPP-268 Robert Hudson works plates
from £2.50
LxD2 / L45H loco set plates NPP-321 LxD2 / L45H loco set plates
from £7.65

We offer a comprehensive range of customisable etched products suitable for most modelling interests. You can select your desired scale, paint options and personalised text and your plates will be produced to order.

For a growing number of styles we show you a live preview of your customisation so you can be confident you're getting what you expected, before you order.

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic lead times for custom etched items are extended and will be a minimum of 8 weeks.

Read more about how to order.