Industrial Transfers - Black NCB

PIC-002 • by Planet Industrials

About the kit

These waterslide Industrial Transfers are custom drawn for use in 1:76 scale, but they may find use in other scales.

This pack includes:

  • Large numbering - 2.5mm tall
  • Small numbering - 2mm tall
  • Instructions - 1 or 1.5mm tall
  • NCB logos - 1, 2, 4 and 6mm tall
  • British Coal logos - 5.25 and 6.5mm tall


These transfers can easily be scratched, be careful when handling. The carrier film is very thin for fidelity but this mean they can crinkle, curl or break if misused.

We recommend applying these transfers over a smooth glossy surface, gloss varnish is ideal. Cut carefully around each transfer carefully to minimise the amount of carrier film. Soak in cold water, usually less than one minute. Microscale 'Microset' or equivalent can be used to improve adhesion. We recommend applying a sealing coat of lacquer or varnish to protect the transfer after it is dry.

Avoid exposing the decals to excessive solvent thinners during finishing (e.g. during weathering) as this can dissolve the ink.