Baguley McEwan Pratt ‘677’ 10HP Class 0-4-0PM

NPL-016 • by Narrow Planet

About the kit

This kit is comprised of whitemetal detail parts and a fret of etched nickel silver parts. We recommend that the etched superstructure is soldered together with 145° solder, however we feel (although we’ve not tried) it may be possible to assemble using adhesive alone. The kit requires a Tsugawa TGW TU-DB 158.

At present the kit can be purchased complete with chassis by selecting the appropriate option. Please note the chassis we supply has been modified with a Tramfabriek 0615 coreless motor to improve running, and tested at 12v, and is therefore sold as seen. Any further modification is the responsibility of the builder.

Download full instructions (PDF)

Please note this is a scale model for adult collectors, and not intended for children under 14 years of age.

Prototype Info

The ‘677’ class 10HP locomotives came about by an order from the War Department to Baguley Cars Ltd for a lightweight locomotive that was capable of running on lightest 9lb rail as used on the portable track system used on the front line. Whilst the supplied locomotives fulfilled the specifications set out by the WDLR at the time of ordering, they were not so successful in active service due to many shortcomings. Over 50 locomotives were used by the British military railways, most of which were used in rearward operations to which they were better suited.